The Benefits of Car Detailing

Having your car regularly detailed will maintain its value. It’s amazing how quickly shiny paint can become dull and pitted, and clean fresh interiors can turn dusty and grubby.

It is a time-consuming process that requires proper tools and attention to detail. Adam’s expertise and commitment to his work have made him one of the top detailers in Australia.


Car detailing is a process that cleans and either restores or improves the appearance of a vehicle’s finish, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires. A wide variety of products and methods are used, depending on the surface type and condition of a vehicle, as well as the detailer's or customers' preference. These include detergents, surfactants, acid-free degreasers, clay bars (to remove invisible micro-embedded surface contaminants), machine polishers, and various waxes as well as silicone- and non-silicone-based dressings for plastic and rubber trim.

Over time even the most well-looked-after vehicles can become dull and pitted. The paint starts to lose its luster, the interiors are grubby with food and drink stains and the wheels look dull and coated in brake dust. These issues can be caused by a number of factors including poor maintenance, bad washing techniques, harsh environmental conditions, and general day-to-day wear and tear.

Regular cleaning from a professional Car detailing Perth group will keep your vehicle in great condition. A dirty car can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs which not only harm your vehicle but also can cause a number of wellness concerns. So for the safety of you and your passengers, it’s important to maintain regular cleaning.


Car detailing is a process of cleaning and restoring the original condition of a vehicle’s surface. It involves the use of a variety of products and techniques, such as shampoos, foam chemicals, steam cleaners, liquid and foam brushes, paint polishes, waxes, plastic trim, and tire dressings. The interior of the car is also detailed to remove dust and dirt and to restore or improve the appearance of a vehicle’s interior cabin.

It’s amazing how quickly a beautiful, shiny new vehicle purchase can begin to show the effects of time and regular use. From oxidation and corrosion on the painted surfaces to grime and dirt transferring from shoes onto carpets, there are many factors that can cause vehicles to lose their shine and fresh new look. Unlike running your vehicle through an automated car wash, regularly detailing your vehicle will extend the life of the vehicle and improve its resale value.

Our full exterior and interior detail is a great option for anyone looking to get their car back to that brand-new, showroom-quality finish. This package includes a step single-stage machine polish to permanently remove the fine scratches and swirl marks caused by road debris, a high-grade carnauba wax application, detailer class ceramic paint protection systems, Nova series ceramic polymer windscreen and glass coating, seat and carpet shampoo, and deodorization and a comprehensive vacuum.


After years of exposure to the elements, your headlights can become dull and even yellow or frosted. Having clear headlights is important to your visibility on the road especially at night. If your headlights are extremely frosted or dull it may be time to talk to a professional about getting them restored.

We use a full headlight restoration process that will have your headlights looking brand new again. This involves wet sanding to remove any course outer plastic or flaking clear coat (some headlights actually have factory protection that can fake and peel over time). We then machine polish them through different compounds until they are crystal clear, this is done in the same way as paint correction is done on your car’s bodywork. Once your headlights are completely polished and clear you can apply a protective coating to help reduce the oxidation process.

Foggy headlights not only look ugly but they also affect the brightness of your lights at night making it hard for other drivers to see your car. We can restore your headlights back to clear so you can see them at night again.


If you’ve ever had that “new-car” feeling, you know how great it is to drive your car and feel the crisp, clean smell of its interior. Unfortunately, as time passes and your car gets older, its condition deteriorates and it loses its luster. It can be disappointing to see your once-shiny vehicle tarnished, but there are ways you can restore it to its original condition.

A professional detailing service can make your car look like new and increase its resale value. It’s important to find a reputable detailer with experience and a good track record. Whether you’re looking for a storefront or mobile detailer, read reviews and look at before-and-after pictures to find the best fit for your needs.

Leather is a strong and durable material made from tanned animal skins and hides. The tanning process renders the skins and hides rot-proof, so they can be used for clothing and automotive upholstery. The most common leather comes from cattle, sheep, goats, and equine animals. It’s also often used for furniture and shoes.

When a car is detailed, the leather is cleaned with special products and protected from future damage. The dashboard, entertainment console, door interiors, and other surfaces are cleaned and vacuumed, and sealants are applied for a glossy finish. The tires and wheels are also pressure-washed and hand-dried before they’re polished and sealed.

However, there are certain things that car detailing can’t fix. If you have dents, scratches, or other damage that requires more than just cleaning and polishing, you’ll need to consult a scratch repair specialist. A detailing technician can restore your vehicle to its original condition, but it won’t completely reverse the effects of aging and wear.


When your car is detailed, the upholstery will be deep cleaned. Most modern cars contain a variety of interior materials, including synthetic carpeting, vinyl, leather, and various natural fibers. These materials require different cleaning techniques and products. Vacuuming is often included in the process, as is steam cleaning, liquid and foam chemicals, and brushes.

It is amazing how quickly shiny paint can dull and pit and clean fresh interiors can become dusty and grubby. Regular detailing services can help to slow down this process, so your car looks and smells like new for longer.

There is nothing more disappointing than watching your beautiful new vehicle lose its luster and appearance. Luckily, our expert mobile detailers in Perth can bring back that new-car feeling! Just give us a call today! We offer a wide range of services, from simple exterior wash and vacuuming to full paint protection, headlight restoration, and leather upholstery care.

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Having your car regularly detailed will maintain its value. It’s amazing how quickly shiny paint can become dull and pitted, and clean fresh interiors can turn dusty and grubby. It is a time-consuming process that requires proper tools and attention to detail. Adam’s expertise and commitment to his work have made him one of the…